Voter Guilt

Early bird voting I’ve just returned from voting (early and often!) Now, all of you Democrats out there listen up – you can stop stalking me. No more phone calls, emails, eager young Dems knocking at my door and for heaven’s sake, stop sending me glossy fliers unless there’s a pizza coupon attached. I’ve done my duty. House wired

After I voted, I asked the election official for an extra-large “I voted” sticker to put on my house (they didn’t have an “I voted so bugger off” sticker) and I changed my answering machine message to “It’s too late, I already voted.” I’m not sure why I bother voting. I have no evidence that one group of monkeys is any less batty than the others, but I’ve always felt that I can’t complain unless I participate – and I’d really like to complain.

I can’t help feeling just a bit guilty about endorsing the next Biggest Loser in the House of Representatives. It’s just I can’t find a way of sorting out the clowns (though to be fair, my alternative would likely be another clown). If I believe my glossy fliers, the apocalypse is coming no matter which candidate I vote for. There’s just too much spin, I get dizzy. At least in England when a politician is a monster raving loon (MRL) they’re open about it.

I’ve been on websiMRLtes like but then I just feel dumb. I have plenty of education to understand the information; it’s just that my eyes start rolling back in my head. I just don’t know where to start and who has the time!? In the end, I spend more time choosing a new microwave than a candidate.

I voted Democrat. I know this is supposed to be some big secret – like your real age & weight (subtract one from the other and it doesn’t seem so bad) – but I think most people who know me have figured this out. Except this one guy I know – hard core Republican, probably Tea Party. Somehow he thinks I’m a fiscal conservative. For the life of me I can’t remember what I said to give him that impression, though I can tell you how many drinks I’d had when I said it. Maybe I let it slip that I always pay off my credit cards.

So, every other November, I feel guilty for not taking the time to inform myself of my choices, but then I remember that I don’t really have choices. If I really did my research and found out the Democratic candidate was a MRL, than what? Do I really entertain the option of voting Republican or Libertarian?libertarian voting

In a different day and age, I might have been a Libertarian. I can see the attraction (see my above quote about buggering off), but it just doesn’t work in the 21st century. Big corporations need big government to balance them out. I just can’t quite figure out where we went wrong.

I’m Jae and I’m indifferent to this message.


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