Who Wants to be a Senator?

Capital hill phone I’m not sure why I answered the phone. I’d already dodged a dozen robocalls that day. To my surprise, there was an actual person on the line and the person was the actual candidate!

He wanted to know what issues were most important to me. Frankly, at that moment the most pressing issue on my mind was who was “in” and who was “out” – which I suppose is also what politicians are most concerned about.

Project beltway

I took a quick inventory: The Ferguson police were in desperately short supply of tear gas, apparently there was a new Middle Eastern country on the map called ISISistan (or ISIShire), and somewhere in the country there was an Ebola convention (and boy do those Ebola know how to party!). I had no reason to doubt that this candidate was truly interested, but unless he’d been living in a hole, he would be aware of these issues – even the Hill gets cable news. What else could I say? I had a decent middle class job with benefits. I was a bit concerned about my boss, but not enough to complain to my congressman about him. At that moment in time, I couldn’t think of one thing a congressman could do for me. He was running for congress, not applying for a job as my therapist. I ended up stammering something less than helpful and let him get on with interrupting the TV viewing of the rest of the registered voters on his list.

In hindsight, I could think of any number of things I wanted Congress to take care of, but me and 85 of my closest friends agreed that these things probably won’t happen.

Maybe we’re going about this election-thing all wrong. Every other channel has its own reality series why not C-SPAN? Each week they could set group of Senators a task to complete – passing a budget or something – and then a panel of judges could vote on who did the best job and who did the worst. The worst member would be kicked out of the House. Tsurvivorhe judges could be professional politicians – say members of the Canadian parliament who seem to be able to pass a law or two. Or it could be a Big Brother-type thing where the group of Senators could choose the worst and vote him or her out of the House. Or it could be a phone-in vote from interested viewers – taxpayers for instance. More people would probably vote. I’m open to suggestions.

We could do the same thing for the primaries – It would be like The Apprentice for Senators – without The Trump (please).

I’m Jae and I randomly generated this message.



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