To-Weed or Not To-Weed

Cannabis leaf isolated on white background I have mixed feelings about the government legislating for my own good. We all do things that aren’t good for us. I can legally grow hemlock in my back garden that I could (hypothetically) use to kill my husband when he annoys me, but I can’t legally grow marijuana which would keep me calm enough not to want to kill him when he forgets to put gas in the car for the 37th straight time. If God had wanted us to be high all the time, he would have given us….

And on the 8th day, God gave us weed.

I think the government has overstepped a bit making a naturally growing weed illegal. But since we’re going down this (garden) path, there are quite a few weeds I’d like to make illegal. Dandelions for instance. Kudzu would also be on my list. Though to be fair, neither of these weeds will kill you. What I should want to outlaw are the oleanders and dahlias, but they’re so pretty and they aren’t doing anyone any harm – unless someone eats them. If weeds could be made illegal, the Gardening Lobby would have already done it.

When you consider the large number of poisonous plants, it does seem that nature is trying to kill us. Maybe instead of gun control laws, we should be considering leaf control laws. Waiting periods for poinsettias, that sort of thing. Instead, the government has targeted the mild-mannered marijuana plant. This is like gun control targeting the wand that I use to wash my car.

I think I have mixed feelings because I get mixed signals. On the one hand, we’ve been told, in no uncertain terms, that women have complete control over their bodies. This applies to abortion and eating 300 Snickers bars. But this control doesn’t apply to smoking crack or prostitution.IKEA_pros And before I get letters, Sweden didn’t explode or fall into the ocean when they legalized prostitution. We like the Swedes – at least we like their design sense.

I’m all for government passing laws that protect me from others – or others from me (yes, I’m using my car’s cruise control) – but passing laws to protect ME from ME seems a bit much – As long as people are willing to face the consequences. Democrats believe we don’t have sufficient self-restraint and need protecting from ourselves.

I’m an optimistic cynic (or a cynical optimist depending on what day you ask). I hope that I and my fellow humans will act responsibly in all situations and accept the consequences of our actions. However, after eating those 300 Snickers bars that I mentioned earlier, I have to accept that the Dems might be onto something. Vote

Coloradans and Oreganos are ok with the pot smoking. Based on the number of people arrested each year for solicitation, including some of our very own legislators, the general population might be ok with prostitution as well. It’s probably time to put these things out there for a vote.

But it takes a brave politician to listen to the voters.

I’m Jae and I grew this message legally in my back garden.



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