Shame Old Politics

Shame on youI’ve already written about how the DNC stalked me during the last election (and here). I’m thinking of taking out a restraining order before the next election. But at least I didn’t get the shame mail that other Democrats got. I say I didn’t, but at one point I replaced my mailbox with a recycle bin so I may not have noticed.

Putting aside the expectation I have that my voting record – just like other information I give to the state – is secret…

Wait, let’s not put this aside. Why isn’t my voting record secret? Why does the DNC or some random political organization, not to mention my postman – and now my neighbors – get to know if I voted or not?

Voting-booth- spy
Stalker Dems in my Voting Booth

Maybe I assumed this information was private since they make such a big show of secrecy when I go to the polls. Now I’m starting to wonder. If the fact of my vote can be released, why not the actual vote? In 2016, will I be receiving a postcard from the Republicans saying “We know you voted against us last time, but…”? There should definitely be an opt-out option.

The same people I trust to guard my liberties currently have me thumbing through the yellow pages for “Lawyers, Civil Rights”.

This is nothing short of a Mafioso-style shakedown. “Pay me my vote, or else” – or else you’ll refuse to shut down the government? Already did that.

In Australia voting is compulsory (really, you’re fined if you don’t vote), but this is America. We don’t do things on principle. If the government really wants us to do something, they give us a tax credit. I don’t see any tax credit for voting, so the government must not really be serious.

If you want our vote, give us a real choice. I don’t mean some DINO on the ballot, but let us vote for something we care about – like abolishing Congress. Recent job approval polls indicate this option would win – and probably would have won the last election as well. Democrats should be pleased with a 36% turnout – it’s actually double Congress’ approval rating.

The Republicans want to make this last election all about Obama, but he seems to be the only Democrat doing anything. Forget Obama – impeach Pelosi! (I don’t think this is an actual thing, but you get my drift).

Candidates have become so accustomed to negative politics that they’ve now turned on their own voters (shame on YOU Nancy Pelosi) rather than focusing on the issues. For a change, Dems actually had bragging rights for things that had positively changed over the last six years, but instead the election deteriorated to a sand-kicking, running away contest. It’s all Playground Politics and the Dems are finger pointing straight at me, the average voter.

As voters, we feel shame because we feel we ought to care about this sick old Democracy of ours. But think of it this way, Democracy is a patient who has both Ebola and SARS (one can be the Democrats and the other the Republicans – take your pick), both are killing the patient. It’s time that we develop a vaccine.

voter perscription

I’m Jae and I’m going to tell your neighbors if you’ve read this message or not.


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