ExxonMobil for President

Stop discrimination Let’s face it; we’re all being a bit racist. Corporations are people, too. But the way we act towards them you’d think they were heartless nonentities – somehow less than human. Some in this country are even actively trying to deny Corporations personhood!

I took a good hard look around and noticed all sorts of racist behavior towards Corporations. For instance, it’s absolutely legal to kill Corporations or marry them off to another Corporation without their consent; the President or Board of Directors gets to decide. Did anyone ask TWA if it wanted to be part of American Airlines? Surely, this a human rights issue.

Instead of taking their hard-won seat in Congress, GE, Microsoft, and ExxonMobil have to send proxies like Mitch McConnell. To add insult to injury, not one Corporation is allowed to vote and yet many Corporations pay taxes. This is taxation without representation and the tax breaks they get are well deserved.

corporate congress
Corporations take rightful place in Congress

Corporations are also not allowed to serve in the military. A few have tried to slip in, but it’s hard to hide under “Don’t Tax, Don’t Sell,” though some companies tried after the bailout.

On the flip side, Corporations rarely ever get arrested or go to jail – not even if they kill someone. “Our jails just aren’t big enough to house all of the corrupt Corporations. Sometimes a Corporation’s accounts are temporarily suspended, but that’s all we can do,” said one Federal Trade Commission official who was later removed from his post for racist comments.

Young Corporation
Corporate Education

But I can sort of see how we’ve developed this racist attitude towards Corporations. They just make no effort to fit in. They don’t drive cars or listen to music. They don’t attend concerts or college and they don’t shop at the mall or go to church every Sunday. I have to admit that I’ve never invited my local Corporation around for Thanksgiving dinner, even though I know it doesn’t get along with its parent company.

The stereotype of the big evil Corporation cuts deep. We all have to make an effort to get to know a few Corporations personally and then we’ll see that they’re not all big. Saying that Corporations are predisposed to crime and greed is just a stereotype. To be fair, some Corporations commit very few crimes.

Parents, there is no need to keep your children away from Corporations; their greed is not going to rub off on impressionable youth (though you might keep your children away from corporate advertising agencies).

Also, it’s not true that all Corporations leach off the state by taking bailouts, but we’re quick to tar all Corporations with the same brush.

Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens said “. . . corporations have no consciences, no beliefs, no feelings, no thoughts, no desires…they are not themselves members of ‘We the People’ by whom and for whom our Constitution was established.” It’s this type of racist language that hurts the Corporate Rights movement.

We the people logos
Slogan for the Corporate Rights Movement Original Image http://bit.ly/1xJqMiZ

Under the 14th amendment, Corporations can’t be discriminated against. It’s time we start counting Corporations in the U.S. Census and once the Corporation has been around for 18 years, it should be allowed a vote. A U.S. Corporation could even become President one day!

I’m Jae and I wrote this message as part of a corporate sensitivity training class.



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