Is your Congressman Smarter than a 5th Grader?

dolt I’m making a motion. Any legislator who votes in favor of a standardized test in education, must first pass the test in question. Second, anyone?

It’s not that I need my congressman to be Albert Einstein or Sheldon Cooper (though I’d prefer the people I elect to be smarter than say, Justin Bieber), but I smell hypocrisy when politicians meddle in education. (It smells a bit like burning rubber – must be what red tape is made from.) I just want to know that politicians really understand what they are expecting of teachers and children. (Fat chance – which coincidentally is what they call the lunch lottery at the local school).

Come to think of it, maybe all legislators should be tested on principle before being approved to run for office. A test already exists (and here) for this purpose, so we wouldn’t even need to pay a testing company $500 million dollars to make one. Though, then we would miss an opportunity to support small businesses.

Testing companies
Support Small Businesses – Commission a Test

We expect new U. S. citizens to know all about the Constitution and American government; shouldn’t we expect our politicians to know these things too? I’m not just talking about a politician shamelessly spinning the truth (AKA lying) for political effect. I’m talking about not knowing basic facts that we expect our children and legal immigrants to know.

The alternative is for the politicians to release their high school and college transcripts. Did this potential leader fail political science – or science – class? Does this potential leader have a B.S. degree or not (most do – or have equivalent life experience)? Everyone else I interview for a job provides me with an educational transcript why not the candidate applying for my vote?

At the very least, I want to know that my leaders have an average IQ, a basic high school education, and won’t say anything embarrassing to the Prime Minister of India. How is America supposed to convince anyone to listen if our leaders talk like imbeciles? (Other than the nukes we have pointing in their direction).

Australia blog about climate change science media coverage : Anti-carbon tax protesters in Canberra
Congress for Greenhouse Gasses

Currently, many members of Congress hide behind feigned ignorance rather than come right out with their support of Global Warming – though I’m not sure these self-proclaimed idiots should be put in charge of Congressional subcommittees. But what about those members who don’t seem to be feigning?

For instance, I’d expect my Congressman to know that the Constitution is just over 200 (not 400) years old and that the Civil War happened nearly 100 years after the Constitution was written – or at least take a second and look it up on the Wikiphone. I expect my Representatives who debate important issues like abortion would know basic biology and I expect those who pass (or write) our budget to be able to do a bit of math.

If the politicians are serious about education they should do their homework – literally. It’s silly to send teachers to school to learn to teach if uneducated legislators can tell them how to do their jobs.

I’m Jae and I give this essay a B+.


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