Playground Politics

no bullies The Democratic Party needs an intervention, or at least some serious behavioral therapy.

Obama delayed some controversial votes to help Democrats in the mid-term elections. So, how did that work out? Obama definitely needs new advisors and some new Senators.

What Americans, even the Democratic ones, want is good old-fashioned action – or at least the appearance of action. Americans have little tolerance for delays and hedging even if there’s a good reason.

We’ve been fed a steady diet of Hollywood our whole lives. We want political campaigns to be like Westerns, the white candidate and the black candidate in a shoot-out at high noon. We want great underdog campaigns where the under-funded, but socially committed candidate defeats a surprised opponent. We want dramas with character development and a bit of a twist at the end when we find out the mild-mannered incumbent is a bit of a perv. It’s pure Hollywood for a freshman Senator from Illinois rise to be the first black President.

But instead of getting Hollywood in the last election, we got playground politics.

playground politics
“Na-na, na-na, boo-boo, stick your head in doo-doo!”

Republicans controlled the narrative; bullied and generally kicked sand in the face of the wimpy Democrats. They called the Democrats names like “liberal,” “socialist,” and “Obama-lover” and took all the toys (i.e., talking points). The Dems ran away and wined at the voters, but were too afraid to stand up to the bullies. Instead they tried to avoid any confrontation lest they lose the election. Well, they lost anyway. Any 1st grader could have told you this is what happens when you run away from bullies.

Other Democrats (i.e., DINOs) pretended to be Republicans just to get into the in-crowd (“We hate Obama, too – see how much we have in common!”) I’ll let Dems in on a little secret, Republicans are SUPPOSED to disagree with you. If you agree with your opponent, than you’re probably batting for the wrong team.

I consider myself to be a good Democrat, though not an overly active one. I even toe the line and vote for any random monkey the DNC puts on the ballot. But it seems that some of these Dem-monkeys running for Congress didn’t learn their lines.

America really wants to vote Democrat. All the issues Americans generally care about are those Democrats care about. But Americans don’t want to play with the wimps on the playground, they want to play with the cool-kids.

So before the next election, Democratic candidates need to get over their fear of rejection and own who they are (the liberal-label only hurts if you don’t own it). What voters want to see is the Dems standing up to the bullying Republicans. And none of this sticking your tongue out at them – take away all the toys and give them a good socking on the nose!

underdog dems
“There’s no need to fear, Under-Dem is Here!”

It may not be too late for the underdog story. In Hollywood, the plot line always contains a scene where the little guy gets punched in the teeth only to rise heroically. But, if Hollywood has taught us nothing it’s taught us that if you’re going to lose, go out swinging.

I’m Jae and this message is complete liberal propaganda.



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