Global Kool-Aid

global warmingIt’s a bit nippy outside. I wonder if we’re in for another polar vortex or two – we probably need a trendier term for this winter. Why should the weather folks have all the fun? Choose your favorite word from the left column and one from the right. Or make up your own – feel free to use your thesaurus – don’t worry about the dictionary.

Gelid                  Eddy

Glacial                Flux

Hyperborean     Helix

Algid                    Whirl

Hiemal                Zephyr

snow global warming
News flash: Global Warming Disproved by a bit of Snow

The cold weather makes me think of Global Warming – I can’ t help it, it’s those skeptics who argue against Global Warming every time it snows a bit in Buffalo. The Consistent Clime Coalition (The CCC) argues that if they can’t see Global Warming, it doesn’t exist. The CCC seems out on a limb, here; we believe in a lot of things that we can’t see. Aliens for instance.  In fact, about the same number of Americans believe in aliens as Global Warming. I’m sure there’s a conspiracy to be spun around this.

But let’s address the hypocrisy head-on and talk about things The CCC believe in but can’t see. I’ll start by tackling the elephant in the room.

God. Members of The CCC while not believing in Global Warming do (publically) believe in God. Only atheists and doubters need to see to believe. No conscripting Mother Nature into the discussion – seeing God in a sunset or a cloud or a toasted cheese sandwich doesn’t count. I guess what The CCC needs is a burning bush. Where’s Noah when you need him?

Noah global warming
Noah believed in global warming.

Gravity. I believe in gravity. I guess that’s because even if I can’t see gravity, I can feel its effects. Not like Global Warming where there are no effects to feel, except extreme weather patterns (and here and here) – we don’t see any of those. But I suppose that gravity is only a theory and theories in science often get disproved or replaced by a better theory. Anyway, this is the position of the Creationists. (Scientists, your calling “not” over Pluto’s status as a planet hasn’t helped). But at least one scientist has had the audacity to speak out against the widely taught theory of gravity.

Testing the Theory of Gravity

Earth’s rotation. Sitting here in my study looking out my window I see the sun – well, I would if these damn clouds would finally move. [It’s actually been days and days since I’ve seen the sun rather than just lighter shades of clouds. I saw a glimpse of the sun the other day and almost ran away and hid in my coffin.]

Anyway, from where I sit, I (usually) can see the sun moving, but I believe – because of those pesky science classes in elementary school that the earth is moving even though I can’t actually feel it. This is completely contrary to my senses, yet I’ve been brainwashed to believe.

There are many skeptics of this suncentric view of the solar system – at last count 1 in 4 Americans don’t believe the earth revolves around the sun. (American science classes are nothing if not democratic.) Now, here we have a history of deniers. Heliocentric skeptics – CCC, these are your people. Watch out Galileo!

I’m Jae and this message is only a theory and can be replaced with a better one at any time.



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