Next Demeration

Primaries 22015 is still young, but we’ve already heard a lot about the possible Republican candidates for President. It looks like the GOP is getting an early start. Either that or the Dems are sleeping in after an epic New Year’s Eve party.

As a Democrat, I have a vested interest. I need to start planning how I’m going to vote in the primaries. I’m vote on March 15, 2016 so the Dems better get cracking! I’m sure I’ll need all 419 days to decide.

Hillary is of course the front runner, but I’ve never been a big Hillary-lover. (Women don’t form a firm voting bloc – this was McCain’s big mistake. Had he never heard about Pandora and her box?) If we want to continue the dynasty maybe we should see what Chelsea’s getting up to.

Elizabeth Warren seems to be ramping up her public persona. She seems a good candidate. A bit of a mother figure that will take America firmly by the ear and send Congress to their rooms if they act up.

Personally, I’d vote for Michelle Obama – I think she’s even smarter than her husband – but we probably should stop the dynasty thing before it gets out of hand. That, and she’s really embraced the whole “first lady” thing, which is a bit too girly for my taste. I don’t want to see her out in the garden, I want to see her negotiating nuclear arms agreements.

First Ladies’ Club. What Happens in the White House, Stays in the White House. Thanks Cafepress

I didn’t intend to name only women, they just jumped to mind first. Let’s consider the men…

Biden’s a no-go. His winning smile always has a foot in it. This, and I think 70 is too old for a President – everyone else is retired not running the world 24-7. The oldest president we’ve ever elected was 69 (Ronald Reagan). That should really be the limit. My age limit also lets out Sanders and Rendell.

Jim Webb has gotten a lot of press for being the first to jump in with an exploratory committee. He retired from the Senate in 2012, so he’s probably just bored.

Who else…. um…

I honestly couldn’t think of anyone else so I wandered over to The Wik, but that was no help – every Democrat who held their office in the last election is listed. This isn’t Last Dem Standing.

Surprisingly, three candidates have already declared their run, but it looks like these are perennial candidates (as opposed to annuals). I’m not sure what Running for President looks like as performance art, but I’m sure Rodent – I mean – Vermin Supreme could show you. I guess we do have a Monster Raving Loony party in the U.S. after all.

Dean is still on the list. Personally, I don’t have a problem with over-enthusiastic partisanship, but what’s he been up to lately? – oh, running the DNC. Can’t he do something about Grandma Pelosi?

There are other Senators and Governors listed, but I’d not heard of any of them. I don’t watch MSNBC religiously so maybe I missed something, but surely I would have heard if someone was a Presidential contender.

Really Dems, we got nothing? Come on – the vote is 657 days away, you have at least 5,000 fund raisers – I mean campaign stops – to attend before then!

Election 2016
Thanks Rob Rogers

After seeing the list of possibles, I’ve decided that I’m voting for John Stewart for President – either that or I want Jed Bartlet back.

I’m Jae and I was expecting better things from this message.


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