Playground Politics 2

ROUGH ROADSchool is back in session – at least it is in Congress.

To start off the playground politics for this year, the House re-elected pop-jock John Boehner – the class bully – to be Class President. The first thing he did was behead his competition even though his challenger (Dan Webster) was a symbolic one. It’s not like Webster even had a chance to unseat Boehner with his paltry 12 votes. Grandma Pelosi had a better chance – or Colin Powell.

Freshmen Congressmen attended orientation and posed for photos with the charming, but ever so creepy Assistant Principal (AKA Vice-President) Biden who comes across as just a little too touchy-feely.

biden awkward
Now Famous Photo of Biden doing his Pedophile Impression

Then there was the search for dorm space on the Hill – only millionaires can afford any of it – and trying to get in tight with the cool kids, and the hazing rituals for the freshmen. I know Joni Ernst ran as a charming, if backwards, farmer, but I’m not sure it’s appropriate to gift any woman a castration device. We might figure out how to use them.

This tough-girl, American farmer persona may be why the GOP put Ernst up to refute Obama’s State of the Union. She might know farming, but there’s no evidence she knows anything about politics (yes, there WILL be a test following the State of the Union).

Maybe if the speech were written in words of one syllable or less – or texted in emojis.


The childish nature of Congress was in evidence during the State of the Union. Really, GOP – no clapping at all? I understand that you’re trying to make a statement, but I don’t need performance art to show me that you intend to be as uncooperative as possible with the President. This is Junior High School stuff.

I guess the Republicans forget that they represent ALL of the people in their districts – including those who voted Democratic. Mitch – you’re ALSO supposed to represent the 45% of Kentuckians who didn’t vote for you.

It is possible – just barely – that one or two of Obama’s ideas would actually benefit the people in your states. It’s your job as a representative to swallow your pride and accept the good ideas even if they come from an arch rival. It is possible that someone other than a Republican could have a good idea.

But I am an idealist in a political world. I forget that our Representatives are Politicians – not the same thing in today’s world. Thus, I’m proposing Constitutional Amendment #28: Career politicians are banned from holding public office. *Sigh* It’ll never pass.

It looks like Obama is trying to act as Principal to Congress’ Junior High School, but the kids are running around shooting spit balls and throwing pipelines and generally having a free for all in the halls of power.

So now everyone has settled in, we expect Congress to get on with dismantling everything the last Congress did. That should be quick, then they can have a bit of a rest – or get down to some really serious bickering.

I’m Jae and I wrote this message in crayon on the back of my math homework.


4 thoughts on “Playground Politics 2

  1. Actually, those very same Republican politicians do sometimes quietly take the benefits of Obama’s laws all the while loudly criticizing them – like several GOP governors taking Obamacare money for Medicare expansion or asking Obama for stimulus money for his district after voting against this same stimulus (that’d be Mitt Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan).

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