Obama Cares?

Health insuranceI know there’s a lot of chatter about ObamaCare, but I’ve not really been paying that much attention. I’m one of those Americans who has health insurance through my employer – it’s not like I use it much thanks to good genes and yoga.

But, I can empathize with those Americans who’ve been surviving without healthcare. I know that if I got really ill – even with health insurance – I’d probably have to move to the U.K. – either that or go straight from my doctor’s office to my bankruptcy lawyer (now considered a medical specialist, though not one covered under my insurance).

But there’s a big difference between health insurance and health care. ObamaCare is technically ObamaInsurance and this is where it falls down for me.

I have a thing about insurance – any kind of insurance; it has always struck me as a bit of a scam. The insurance companies get to make up the rules and change them without notice – making huge profits in the process.

The insurance companies must be the biggest employers of psychics because whatever type of insurance you have, no matter how covered you think you are, whatever happens to you will not be covered under your policy.

This is the Murphy’s Law of insurance — let’s call it the “Metlife Law”.

100% Psychic Approved. Guaranteed Against Future Payouts

But even when the psychics fail, the insurance companies have a procedure for dealing with claims:

  1. Step 1 – deny coverage. Even if they know full well [insert disaster here] is covered under the policy. The weak-willed accept this and quietly fade away. Success! Get to keep all the money! If the claimant persists…
  2. Step 2 – grudgingly admit coverage for [insert disaster here], but only partial responsibility. Some people will take the money and run leaving most of the money at the insurance company. Success! Keep most of the money! If the claimant persists…
  3. Step 3 – pay what is owed under the terms of the policy, but in the most difficult way possible -maybe delaying payment or make payment only under certain conditions – like the successful completion of 1,001 forms. This gives the claimant a feeling of success without admitting defeat.

2 and 3 are considered by the trade to be insurance failures and the insurance company will retaliate. Most retaliation takes the form of higher premiums to offset the loss in profits. It doesn’t matter that the premiums you’ve paid over the years more than make up for what the insurance company has lost in paying what they promised to pay.

When you buy an insurance policy, you might think the insurance company is promising to protect you if your life goes in the toilet. But, the insurance company is really gambling – betting that people like me, who are healthy and rarely use their insurance, against those who have a standing appointment at the ER. If they actually have to pay out, it’s like a casino losing on black and sneakily moving your chips two inches to the left.

The Chances of Winning the Insurance Lottery 1 in 10,000

Since Big Gov seems to be in bed with Big Insure, the little guy (i.e., me) is left out. All I can do is pay for as little insurance as I can legally and hide my money from the insurance companies. This plan does have a flaw – Big Med is also in bed with Big Insure – a healthcare ménage à trois and I’ve not been invited.

I don’t understand why the Republicans are against ObamaCare – they usually like supporting big business. Maybe Republicans don’t get funding from the insurance industry – the kickbacks (I mean “campaign contributions”) are only going to the Democrats.

I’m Jae and this message is proof that cynicism is a preexisting condition.


3 thoughts on “Obama Cares?

  1. You are onto to something about why the Republicans oppose ObamaCare, the majority of the money is not coming their way.

    Case in point, the largest excessive compensation payout (attempt) in the history of the universe went to one, Bill McGuire, the CEO of United HealthCare. It was all a billion dollar legal mess involving back dating options and such. But that is not the kicker, the guy who designed it, one James Johnson, ex-director of United HealthCare and ex CEO of Fannnie Mae was the guy that Obama selected to design and spearhead ObamaCare.

    Unfortunately for Mr. Johnson, his shenanigans at United HealthCare and Fannie Mae came to light in an embarrassing way, forcing him to work in the background. It is commonly understood that 400 pages of the 1,000 page Affordable Care Act are attributable to Mr. Johnson.


    1. *sigh*

      Even when I agree with what my Dems are trying to do – in this case healthcare for all – they seem to find the worst way of doing it. The way destined to fail. The way the puts big business before little voters.

      OC was a step in the right direction. I just wish the step wasn’t over the prone voters to shake hands with insurance CEOs.



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