Photo taken outside of Odell, Illinois along Route 66 in 2015. A trip to a wind farm allowed me to play with distance and orientation, lighting and color. Advertisements

Neal’s Yard

Photo taken in London, England 2014 I’m very drawn to bright colors in architecture making Neal’s Yard the perfect place for photos. I’m sure this is just one of a thousand great shots of Neal’s Yard taken by amateur photographers from around the world.

Sam Houston Park Tree

Photo taken in Houston, Texas 2005 I love trees, but my photographs of trees always seem to pale in comparison to the real thing so I rarely snap the shot. This is an exception. I love the shape of this tree and the serenity of the scene. Perfect candidate for black and white.

Tree of Liberty

As I write this, my neighbors are having a large oak tree cut down. Well, it’s probably an oak, but maybe it’s a maple, I don’t think it’s a walnut. Frankly, I haven’t really paid that much attention. Full Disclosure: I failed “Tree ID” in school. Regardless of the tree’s flavor, I quite liked it.… Read More Tree of Liberty