Light, Light, Light

I tried to take this photo a couple of times, but it just never seemed to come out right (see similar photo below). I'm a bit obsessed with this bridge, so I've visited quite a few times. This photo was taken after sunrise, as I was leaving the park - a park that I'd only just … Continue reading Light, Light, Light


Art is Where You Find It

The other day, I found where the Art Department puts its trash. One artist's trash is another artist's treasure! Many things caught my eye, broken pottery, discarded metal sculptures, and two 2x3' sheets of metal splattered with paint and chemicals. Unlikely art, but to my eye - beautiful! I photographed every inch of of these metallic wonders. … Continue reading Art is Where You Find It

One Lucky Shot

On the day I created this photo, I took more than 400 photos, but only one single photograph of this bridge. One shot was all it took. I was moving from one location to another to catch the setting sun behind the St. Louis Arch. The conditions weren't ideal. I was moving east over the bridge and driving (it … Continue reading One Lucky Shot