The Great Computer Crash of 2014

My computer bricked last week. I'm not sure at what point "brick" became a verb but I'm reliably informed by that this is in fact a real techno-term. Equally likely terms for what my computer did might be “door stopped” or “paper weighted” or “fell out the window.” I suppose I should have been … Continue reading The Great Computer Crash of 2014


Happy Boxing Day!

Or do the Brits say “Merry Boxing Day”? Anyway, it’s the December 26th – whew I survived Christmas - holiday. Unless you regularly watch period drama (AKA Downton Abbey), or hail from Canada, you may not have Boxing Day marked on your calendar. In the U.S. we officially call it “The Day After Christmas” (which … Continue reading Happy Boxing Day!

Congressional Christmas

Christmas came early in the hallowed halls of the Capitol Building. They lit the Christmas tree, passed a Christmas Tree bill, exchanged tax breaks with a few friends, and then went home for the holidays. A Christmas tree bill is one that everyone and their mother-in-laws (who all seem to work at Citicorp) can hang … Continue reading Congressional Christmas

Santa Blahs

  Odd News – Christmas Edition I’m sure for the Christmas Edition of Odd News, you’re expecting me to pull out a story of a Santa getting stuck in a chimney, but surprising as it may seem, this hardly ever happens in real life (I looked). Oh plenty of stupid people get stuck in chimneys, … Continue reading Santa Blahs

The Parking Gods Smiled

I’m out shopping for Christmas gifts. I’m not sure why, I have Amazon on my web. I guess I’m just old-fashioned. I want to be the hunter stalking the perfect gift through the mall and once I find it, wait for just the right sale to pounce! But I’m a lazy shopper. I didn’t hunt … Continue reading The Parking Gods Smiled