Of Sloths and Voters

When I started writing this blog I had no idea I had this much to say about politics, but I guess I set the tone from my very first posting - which was about how the DNC stalked me during the last election. I've also written about how few people voted in the last election, … Continue reading Of Sloths and Voters


Aging Democracy

Pictures of this “new” Congress remind me that I haven’t talked to my Grandma in a while. She’s 86 and while you’d think this would be too old for politics, John Conyers, Louise Slaughter, Chuck Rangel, Sander Levin, and Sam Johnson wouldn’t agree. Full disclosure: I’m part of Gen-X - the malcontents and cynics who … Continue reading Aging Democracy

Playground Politics 2

School is back in session - at least it is in Congress. To start off the playground politics for this year, the House re-elected pop-jock John Boehner - the class bully - to be Class President. The first thing he did was behead his competition even though his challenger (Dan Webster) was a symbolic one. … Continue reading Playground Politics 2


My husband and I often debate the relative (de)merits of the British and American political systems. I’ve already discussed how great it is that British elections are only 4 weeks long; the U.S. should adopt this immediately! With the House changing hands in the last election (at least the real estate market is improving), we have … Continue reading Elect-A-Vote

Congressional Christmas

Christmas came early in the hallowed halls of the Capitol Building. They lit the Christmas tree, passed a Christmas Tree bill, exchanged tax breaks with a few friends, and then went home for the holidays. A Christmas tree bill is one that everyone and their mother-in-laws (who all seem to work at Citicorp) can hang … Continue reading Congressional Christmas

Playground Politics

The Democratic Party needs an intervention, or at least some serious behavioral therapy. Obama delayed some controversial votes to help Democrats in the mid-term elections. So, how did that work out? Obama definitely needs new advisors and some new Senators. What Americans, even the Democratic ones, want is good old-fashioned action - or at least … Continue reading Playground Politics

EZ Vote

During the last election, 33% of Americans showed up at the polls. This is a lot, isn’t it? We get in a panic when we hear that one in three Americans is overweight or that one in three black males will go to prison. I’ll admit, the Australian stats look better - 9 of 10 … Continue reading EZ Vote

To Sue is Human

Republicans are suing Obama over Obamacare. Politicians suing politicians!? Can they do that? I suppose the couple of hundred lawyers that we have in Congress should know. But we didn’t see their academic transcripts when they applied for the job - last-in-class doesn’t sell well in the job market, but on the campaign trail ethics … Continue reading To Sue is Human

ExxonMobil for President

Let’s face it; we’re all being a bit racist. Corporations are people, too. But the way we act towards them you’d think they were heartless nonentities – somehow less than human. Some in this country are even actively trying to deny Corporations personhood! I took a good hard look around and noticed all sorts of … Continue reading ExxonMobil for President

Shame Old Politics

I’ve already written about how the DNC stalked me during the last election (and here). I’m thinking of taking out a restraining order before the next election. But at least I didn’t get the shame mail that other Democrats got. I say I didn’t, but at one point I replaced my mailbox with a recycle … Continue reading Shame Old Politics