My husband and I often debate the relative (de)merits of the British and American political systems. I’ve already discussed how great it is that British elections are only 4 weeks long; the U.S. should adopt this immediately! With the House changing hands in the last election (at least the real estate market is improving), we have … Continue reading Elect-A-Vote


Resurrectual Interference

Today’s Odd News comes from Canada and clearly demonstrates that Americans don’t have a lock on religious fanaticism. I may be jumping to conclusions, but I don’t think this family is Episcopalian. Headline: Hamilton Family Left Corpse Upstairs for Six Months Expecting Resurrection This is a classic case of government overreach. The headline should read: … Continue reading Resurrectual Interference

Ban the Bananas

I’m starting a new feature today – Odd News Monday. In point of fact, I believe every day to be odd news day – and Mondays doubly so. Odd news is sometimes the only section I read in the paper and even the regular news seems very odd to me. Even the reporters can’t always … Continue reading Ban the Bananas

ExxonMobil for President

Let’s face it; we’re all being a bit racist. Corporations are people, too. But the way we act towards them you’d think they were heartless nonentities – somehow less than human. Some in this country are even actively trying to deny Corporations personhood! I took a good hard look around and noticed all sorts of … Continue reading ExxonMobil for President

Declarational Law

A Florida judge recently ruled that evaluating teachers on students’ math and reading standardized test scores was constitutional – even if the teachers didn’t teach math or reading. I work in education so have a professional interest in this topic. Assessing teachers on subjects they don’t teach seems contrary to common sense. What next? We’ll … Continue reading Declarational Law


I’m a very good driver. I don’t mean that I always drive one mile-per-hour under the speed limit and completely stop for three seconds at every stop sign, I mean that I know where I am on the road and have very good reaction time. And I like to drive fast. If the founding fathers … Continue reading Idiots-Per-Mile

Have Gun, Will Vote for Gun Control

Ok all of you gun owners out there, let’s start with some relaxation exercises. Breathe. Don’t panic, your guns are safe; snuggled up warm in your gun safe with all the other little calibers. Are you calm? Good. Now, let’s talk. Gun control has always been a sticky subject in our house. My husband’s British … Continue reading Have Gun, Will Vote for Gun Control