Don’t Smoke & Drive

We’ve all seen the ads – smoking can seriously damage your health – demonstrated nicely in this week’s odd news story. Headline: Man Runs Over Own Head The story is a bit short on details, but basically a man ran over his own head - with his own truck. Alcohol was not involved - this … Continue reading Don’t Smoke & Drive


The Parking Gods Smiled

I’m out shopping for Christmas gifts. I’m not sure why, I have Amazon on my web. I guess I’m just old-fashioned. I want to be the hunter stalking the perfect gift through the mall and once I find it, wait for just the right sale to pounce! But I’m a lazy shopper. I didn’t hunt … Continue reading The Parking Gods Smiled

Constructing Climate Change

Let’s assume for a moment that Global Warming is a thing. Bear with me a moment Republicans - at least those of you belonging to the Consistent Clime Coalition (The CCC), I know you want to debate this issue, but I’m starting to think that scientists and Republicans belonging to the Shit Happens Anyway Mob … Continue reading Constructing Climate Change


I’m a very good driver. I don’t mean that I always drive one mile-per-hour under the speed limit and completely stop for three seconds at every stop sign, I mean that I know where I am on the road and have very good reaction time. And I like to drive fast. If the founding fathers … Continue reading Idiots-Per-Mile