Fanfare for the Common Cold

Hi. I was the person sitting in front of you at the symphony concert the other night. This post is to inform you that the virus you were trying to pass to me all night arrived safe and sound and is now in residence in my respiratory system. Incubation didn’t take long at all. By … Continue reading Fanfare for the Common Cold


Shame Old Politics

I’ve already written about how the DNC stalked me during the last election (and here). I’m thinking of taking out a restraining order before the next election. But at least I didn’t get the shame mail that other Democrats got. I say I didn’t, but at one point I replaced my mailbox with a recycle … Continue reading Shame Old Politics

Who Wants to be a Senator?

I'm not sure why I answered the phone. I'd already dodged a dozen robocalls that day. To my surprise, there was an actual person on the line and the person was the actual candidate! He wanted to know what issues were most important to me. Frankly, at that moment the most pressing issue on my … Continue reading Who Wants to be a Senator?