The Meaning of Light

There are a thousand blog postings, books, podcasts... about the importance of light in photographs. This will be a thousand and one. There's a reason this theme is so important -- Light changes everything.  Light changes colors. Light changes shadow. Light changes what is seen and not seen in a photograph.  Light changes snapshots into … Continue reading The Meaning of Light


Improving Portrait Post-Processing: Part 2

Though I tend to be more of a travel photographer, I still feel that I need to be able to take portraits. Portraits are the bread-and-butter of many photographers' businesses and having more photographic skills and techniques can never be a drawback.  In this post, I'll talk about a few tips that improved my portrait post-processing. Tip … Continue reading Improving Portrait Post-Processing: Part 2

Boyz to Men

Many a wholesome life-lesson has been learned by participating in the Scouts (either gender). This week’s Odd News is about a nature hike gone horribly wrong and a lesson this Boy Scout troop will never forget. Headline: Cub Scouts' Hike Leads to Nude Beach Some might say this is a story of over reaction. One … Continue reading Boyz to Men

What Not to Wear

Odd News has been on an education kick lately. There seems to be more than the usual share of teachers standing in corners wearing dunce hats. Maybe these, too are part of the new Arkansas teacher dress code. Headline: State Takes Over Arkansas School District That Had To Make Teachers Wear Underwear Technically, the state … Continue reading What Not to Wear

ABC 123

We’re back to the Land of Ed for this week’s Odd News. Recently, a jury found a teacher guilty of felonious lesson planning. This case sets a new legal precedence for government intervention in the schools and strikes at the very heart of academic freedom. Headline: Teacher Convicted of Showing High School Class Violent Movie … Continue reading ABC 123

Canned Response

This week’s odd news is about a school principal fighting back against school violence. Headline: Principal: Let Students Hurl Canned Food at  Intruders  The principal at Burns Middle School thinks lockdown procedures practiced by most schools are too passive. Instead of hiding, she wants students to throw weaponized canned vegetables at armed intruders. A letter home … Continue reading Canned Response

University Loses Marbles

Recent odd news reports that the University of Texas has lost its mind. Headline: University of Texas Says Brains Were Destroyed I think this headline should read missing brains were destroyed. Not the brains of 52,000 current students – these aren’t being destroyed in any way in the UT brain factory; the university wants to … Continue reading University Loses Marbles

Is your Congressman Smarter than a 5th Grader?

I’m making a motion. Any legislator who votes in favor of a standardized test in education, must first pass the test in question. Second, anyone? It's not that I need my congressman to be Albert Einstein or Sheldon Cooper (though I’d prefer the people I elect to be smarter than say, Justin Bieber), but I … Continue reading Is your Congressman Smarter than a 5th Grader?

“Give me an A!”

“You can get an A in that class just by breathing.” I heard this said in passing and wondered what class this might be: Life Studies 101? Introduction to Asthma? But surely, these would be graded pass/fail. Maybe the class was part of the yoga sequence: Ujjayi Breathing. But alas no, this comment was an … Continue reading “Give me an A!”

Declarational Law

A Florida judge recently ruled that evaluating teachers on students’ math and reading standardized test scores was constitutional – even if the teachers didn’t teach math or reading. I work in education so have a professional interest in this topic. Assessing teachers on subjects they don’t teach seems contrary to common sense. What next? We’ll … Continue reading Declarational Law