Hurricane Ferguson

I write this as I wait for the grand jury to announce their decision. Do I even need to say which decision at this point? By the time I post, I'll know -indictment or not. I don't think it will matter much. [And as I edit this post, I watch Ferguson burn]. I watch the … Continue reading Hurricane Ferguson


Ferguson Theatrical Society: Members Wanted

Warning serious post ahead. Detour here if you want something lighter. I know I should really write about Ferguson. Everyone else is. But I can’t quite see the funny side of the situation. Maybe it’s because I’m too close to the issue - I live not that far from Ferguson. Far enough away that tear … Continue reading Ferguson Theatrical Society: Members Wanted

Who Wants to be a Senator?

I'm not sure why I answered the phone. I'd already dodged a dozen robocalls that day. To my surprise, there was an actual person on the line and the person was the actual candidate! He wanted to know what issues were most important to me. Frankly, at that moment the most pressing issue on my … Continue reading Who Wants to be a Senator?