Tree of Liberty

As I write this, my neighbors are having a large oak tree cut down. Well, it’s probably an oak, but maybe it’s a maple, I don’t think it’s a walnut. Frankly, I haven’t really paid that much attention. Full Disclosure: I failed “Tree ID” in school. Regardless of the tree’s flavor, I quite liked it.… Read More Tree of Liberty

Veggie Haters

John Stewart recently aired a Moment of Zen that stopped me in my tracks. Lindsey Graham (my favorite southern graham cracker) discussing ISIS. I believe he was trying to make a serious point, though the point was probably, as always, “Go, Republicans! Boo, Democrats!” Here’s the quote that got my attention: “[ISIS has] adopted a… Read More Veggie Haters


There was a WESat writing challenge a while back “A Different Phone Call”. I’m a bit slow on taking up the challenge, but I’ve kept the idea in my inbox since I knew just what call to write about. It was a wrong number of the epic variety, but it started mildly enough…. “Is Michael… Read More 1-800-MIS-DIAL

Forever 21

This week’s Odd News is the tragic story of a sick child with a potentially fatal illness. Family members of the 14-year-old victim are scrambling to organize telethons to increase awareness of this disease before it spreads – but they fear it’s too late. Headline: Boy Diagnosed With ‘Fear of Growing Up’ Gerascophobia, variously nicknamed… Read More Forever 21

Boyz to Men

Many a wholesome life-lesson has been learned by participating in the Scouts (either gender). This week’s Odd News is about a nature hike gone horribly wrong and a lesson this Boy Scout troop will never forget. Headline: Cub Scouts’ Hike Leads to Nude Beach Some might say this is a story of over reaction. One… Read More Boyz to Men