Speech! Speatch!

I don’t usually watch political speeches. They’re generally full of “political promises” which is code for “lies” - sometimes well-intentioned or overly optimistic lies, but porkies all the same. That, and I spent eight years avoiding George W. Truly, my avoidance bordered on pathological. It’s not that I disagreed with every word out of his … Continue reading Speech! Speatch!



I’m a native English speaker - actually, that’s not quite accurate - American is my first language - English is my second language. I’ve already posted about some of the more colorful British slang, but no discussion is complete without a quick lesson in Cockney Rhyming Slang (CockRS). Cockneys hail from the east end of … Continue reading Cock

English as a Second Language

America has a close bond with England. We understand the Brits - well, sort of. We can watch Downton Abbey and Doctor Who and understand most of what’s going on. But we seriously lag behind in our creative use of slang. I’ve been married to a Brit for many years and I only know if … Continue reading English as a Second Language