ABC 123

We’re back to the Land of Ed for this week’s Odd News. Recently, a jury found a teacher guilty of felonious lesson planning. This case sets a new legal precedence for government intervention in the schools and strikes at the very heart of academic freedom. Headline: Teacher Convicted of Showing High School Class Violent Movie … Continue reading ABC 123


Oui-the Jury

With all the talk about juries lately, it seemed timely to revisit some old odd news. This is the story of one bold jury’s attempt to find the truth despite hindrance by lawyers, the legal system, and evidence in general. Headline: Retrial Order in “Ouija Case” Deciding that lawyers weren’t presenting the right sort of … Continue reading Oui-the Jury

Resurrectual Interference

Today’s Odd News comes from Canada and clearly demonstrates that Americans don’t have a lock on religious fanaticism. I may be jumping to conclusions, but I don’t think this family is Episcopalian. Headline: Hamilton Family Left Corpse Upstairs for Six Months Expecting Resurrection This is a classic case of government overreach. The headline should read: … Continue reading Resurrectual Interference

To Sue is Human

Republicans are suing Obama over Obamacare. Politicians suing politicians!? Can they do that? I suppose the couple of hundred lawyers that we have in Congress should know. But we didn’t see their academic transcripts when they applied for the job - last-in-class doesn’t sell well in the job market, but on the campaign trail ethics … Continue reading To Sue is Human

Ban the Bananas

I’m starting a new feature today – Odd News Monday. In point of fact, I believe every day to be odd news day – and Mondays doubly so. Odd news is sometimes the only section I read in the paper and even the regular news seems very odd to me. Even the reporters can’t always … Continue reading Ban the Bananas

Declarational Law

A Florida judge recently ruled that evaluating teachers on students’ math and reading standardized test scores was constitutional – even if the teachers didn’t teach math or reading. I work in education so have a professional interest in this topic. Assessing teachers on subjects they don’t teach seems contrary to common sense. What next? We’ll … Continue reading Declarational Law


I’m a very good driver. I don’t mean that I always drive one mile-per-hour under the speed limit and completely stop for three seconds at every stop sign, I mean that I know where I am on the road and have very good reaction time. And I like to drive fast. If the founding fathers … Continue reading Idiots-Per-Mile


A couple of years ago, our house was bugged. Now, before you write me off as some conspiracy nut and click over to ConspiracyNut.Blog for some real news, you should know that my brother had just attained Top Secret clearance with the military for and my husband is a Resident Alien – which sounds a … Continue reading CIA – ICU

Have Gun, Will Vote for Gun Control

Ok all of you gun owners out there, let’s start with some relaxation exercises. Breathe. Don’t panic, your guns are safe; snuggled up warm in your gun safe with all the other little calibers. Are you calm? Good. Now, let’s talk. Gun control has always been a sticky subject in our house. My husband’s British … Continue reading Have Gun, Will Vote for Gun Control

To-Weed or Not To-Weed

I have mixed feelings about the government legislating for my own good. We all do things that aren't good for us. I can legally grow hemlock in my back garden that I could (hypothetically) use to kill my husband when he annoys me, but I can't legally grow marijuana which would keep me calm enough … Continue reading To-Weed or Not To-Weed