Simply Tree

I loved this photo even before I took it. What caught my eye were the strong lines in the mown grass and the minimalism of the lone tree on a hillside. But this photo is all about framing the shot. The photo hasn’t been overly photoshopped, and yet the photo doesn’t reflect reality. From this angle, the massive… Read More Simply Tree

Rain on Leaf

I’ve just started the 365 Project. A photo a day for a year. I’m dubious about my ability to complete the challenge (and to compose a nice shot every day), but that doesn’t really matter. It gives me the opportunity to explore photography in a way I wouldn’t otherwise. This rainy day, I played with… Read More Rain on Leaf

Sam Houston Park Tree

Photo taken in Houston, Texas 2005 I love trees, but my photographs of trees always seem to pale in comparison to the real thing so I rarely snap the shot. This is an exception. I love the shape of this tree and the serenity of the scene. Perfect candidate for black and white.