Forever 21

This week’s Odd News is the tragic story of a sick child with a potentially fatal illness. Family members of the 14-year-old victim are scrambling to organize telethons to increase awareness of this disease before it spreads – but they fear it’s too late. Headline: Boy Diagnosed With ‘Fear of Growing Up’ Gerascophobia, variously nicknamed… Read More Forever 21

Boyz to Men

Many a wholesome life-lesson has been learned by participating in the Scouts (either gender). This week’s Odd News is about a nature hike gone horribly wrong and a lesson this Boy Scout troop will never forget. Headline: Cub Scouts’ Hike Leads to Nude Beach Some might say this is a story of over reaction. One… Read More Boyz to Men

ABC 123

We’re back to the Land of Ed for this week’s Odd News. Recently, a jury found a teacher guilty of felonious lesson planning. This case sets a new legal precedence for government intervention in the schools and strikes at the very heart of academic freedom. Headline: Teacher Convicted of Showing High School Class Violent Movie… Read More ABC 123

Canned Response

This week’s odd news is about a school principal fighting back against school violence. Headline: Principal: Let Students Hurl Canned Food at  Intruders  The principal at Burns Middle School thinks lockdown procedures practiced by most schools are too passive. Instead of hiding, she wants students to throw weaponized canned vegetables at armed intruders. A letter home… Read More Canned Response

Ashes to Trashes

’Tis the season for returning gifts, but this week’s odd news is about one gift the store didn’t want. Headline: Goodwill Workers Find Cremated Remains in Donation Two boxes containing cremated remains were accidentally donated to an Indiana Goodwill. The report says “accidentally,” but maybe Great Aunt Mabel and Uncle Horace really liked to shop… Read More Ashes to Trashes

Oui-the Jury

With all the talk about juries lately, it seemed timely to revisit some old odd news. This is the story of one bold jury’s attempt to find the truth despite hindrance by lawyers, the legal system, and evidence in general. Headline: Retrial Order in “Ouija Case” Deciding that lawyers weren’t presenting the right sort of… Read More Oui-the Jury