Tree of Liberty

As I write this, my neighbors are having a large oak tree cut down. Well, it’s probably an oak, but maybe it’s a maple, I don’t think it’s a walnut. Frankly, I haven’t really paid that much attention. Full Disclosure: I failed “Tree ID” in school. Regardless of the tree’s flavor, I quite liked it. … Continue reading Tree of Liberty


Of Sloths and Voters

When I started writing this blog I had no idea I had this much to say about politics, but I guess I set the tone from my very first posting - which was about how the DNC stalked me during the last election. I've also written about how few people voted in the last election, … Continue reading Of Sloths and Voters

Aging Democracy

Pictures of this “new” Congress remind me that I haven’t talked to my Grandma in a while. She’s 86 and while you’d think this would be too old for politics, John Conyers, Louise Slaughter, Chuck Rangel, Sander Levin, and Sam Johnson wouldn’t agree. Full disclosure: I’m part of Gen-X - the malcontents and cynics who … Continue reading Aging Democracy

Obama Cares?

I know there’s a lot of chatter about ObamaCare, but I’ve not really been paying that much attention. I’m one of those Americans who has health insurance through my employer - it’s not like I use it much thanks to good genes and yoga. But, I can empathize with those Americans who’ve been surviving without … Continue reading Obama Cares?

Playground Politics 2

School is back in session - at least it is in Congress. To start off the playground politics for this year, the House re-elected pop-jock John Boehner - the class bully - to be Class President. The first thing he did was behead his competition even though his challenger (Dan Webster) was a symbolic one. … Continue reading Playground Politics 2

Speech! Speatch!

I don’t usually watch political speeches. They’re generally full of “political promises” which is code for “lies” - sometimes well-intentioned or overly optimistic lies, but porkies all the same. That, and I spent eight years avoiding George W. Truly, my avoidance bordered on pathological. It’s not that I disagreed with every word out of his … Continue reading Speech! Speatch!

Next Demeration

2015 is still young, but we’ve already heard a lot about the possible Republican candidates for President. It looks like the GOP is getting an early start. Either that or the Dems are sleeping in after an epic New Year’s Eve party. As a Democrat, I have a vested interest. I need to start planning … Continue reading Next Demeration

Cruzin’ into 2016

Isn’t Ted Cruz looking svelte these days? Has he lost some weight? Maybe he’s on the same diet as Chris Christie - the Presidential Diet. Eat only good healthy American foods (I’m sure we have a couple) and run from unpopular issues. I suppose everything doesn’t have to be about running for President, but who … Continue reading Cruzin’ into 2016

The Turing Politician

The new movie “The Imitation Game” is about Alan Turing. Among Turing’s many accomplishments was a test for assessing artificial intelligence – quite a feat for a man living at a time when computers were the size of bank vaults and as mentally quick as 1st graders. Turing’s Test is a deception game. The examiner … Continue reading The Turing Politician

EZ Vote

During the last election, 33% of Americans showed up at the polls. This is a lot, isn’t it? We get in a panic when we hear that one in three Americans is overweight or that one in three black males will go to prison. I’ll admit, the Australian stats look better - 9 of 10 … Continue reading EZ Vote