Light, Light, Light

I tried to take this photo a couple of times, but it just never seemed to come out right (see similar photo below). I'm a bit obsessed with this bridge, so I've visited quite a few times. This photo was taken after sunrise, as I was leaving the park - a park that I'd only just … Continue reading Light, Light, Light


Making the Real, Surreal

I recently noticed that one of my photos could very easily tip from the real to the surreal with just a few clicks in Photoshop. The scene was already almost unbelieveable in the original - the sky was too blue, the reflection too perfect. The landscape along the horizon was the only thing rooting this photo … Continue reading Making the Real, Surreal

London Tower Reflection

Photo taken in London 2009 This photo represents two of of my favorite things to photograph: reflections and the juxtaposition of new and old in places like London. This hyper-modern glass and tube building sits right across the street from the 11th century Tower of London. There are 3 layers to the photo: The blue and … Continue reading London Tower Reflection