Mass Confusion

If anyone asks, I’m a member of the Religiously Confused (not that it’s Anyone’s business). There are weirder religions and the standard religions are already pretty wacky. I was baptized Catholic which I think means I’m a Catholic – no opting out of this club. But I haven’t been to a Catholic service since I … Continue reading Mass Confusion


Global Kool-Aid

It’s a bit nippy outside. I wonder if we’re in for another polar vortex or two – we probably need a trendier term for this winter. Why should the weather folks have all the fun? Choose your favorite word from the left column and one from the right. Or make up your own - feel … Continue reading Global Kool-Aid

Resurrectual Interference

Today’s Odd News comes from Canada and clearly demonstrates that Americans don’t have a lock on religious fanaticism. I may be jumping to conclusions, but I don’t think this family is Episcopalian. Headline: Hamilton Family Left Corpse Upstairs for Six Months Expecting Resurrection This is a classic case of government overreach. The headline should read: … Continue reading Resurrectual Interference